Things Aren't What They Seem
Just because we see something, hear something or are told something, doesn't make it true. Our eyes only pick up certain kinds of light, our ears are deaf to certain types of sound waves and people seldom tell the whole truth. Just because you can't hear a dogwhistle, doesn't mean it doesn't make a sound. Just as seeing something on the news doesn't always make it true.

The Sun Is White

In space, the Sun appears white. It's only after being filtered through the Earth's atmosphere that it appears yellow or orange.

Cheddar Is White

Cheddar cheese is dyed yellow or orange, sometimes using natural or artificial colourings and additives. Cheeses often change colour based on their chemistry and the animal's diet, which encourages food producers to maintain consistency by adding dye.

Ketchup Is Yellow And Pink

Significant amounts of dye are added to all brands of ketchup. Mashed and strained tomatoes of different varieties end up looking yellow and at bestpink before colouring is added. The same is true for most brands of tomato paste.

New Edition Textbooks Aren't New

Almost all new editions of college and university textbooks contain no new material. The material is merely rearranged and sometimes reworded from the previous edition.

American Chinese Food Isn't Chinese Food

Deep fried chicken balls and ginger chicken are just two Western Chinese food menu items that aren't on any menus anywhere in China. Most genuine Chinese cuisine is absolutely nothing like American Chinese food. Also, the Chinese think fortune cookies are bullshit. They were invented in California.

Colonel Sanders Hated KFC

After selling KFC and witnessing the new owners change the traditional recipe, Harland David Sanders called KFC the "worst chicken" he had ever tasted. He also called their new gravy "sludge".

Freemasonry Makes Wendy's Burgers Square

Dave Thomas was a Freemason and drew inspiration from the fraternity's symbolic square. The square reminds Freemasons to "never cut corners".

Pepperoni Isn't Italian

The famous spicy sausage is an American invention and didn't begin appearing on authentic Italian pizzas until the late 20th Century.

Honey Is Bee Vomit

Honey is produced when bees suck nectar from plants and then regurgitate it repeatedly until it becomes saturated with glucose and fructose, which makes it less perishable and is hydrolyzed from sucrose using digestive enzymes.

Kris Kringle Means "Christ Child"

The other name for Santa Clause comes from the German word Kristkindl, which means "child of Christ" or Christ child.

You Always See Your Nose

You always see your own nose, but your brain filters out the image. Let that sink in.

Sumerians Had Taxes

The world's oldest known civilization had a tax system, just as every single known civilization would after it.

Dogs Kill More People Than Wild Animals

More people have died from domestic dog attacks than shark, bear, lion, alligator or other wild animal attacks. (not combined)

Fluoride Used In Tap Water Is A Byproduct Of Fertilizer

Fluoride used by some municipalities as an additive in water is supplied by only 2-3 companies in North America, all of which manufacture fertilizer.

Sugar Doesn't Make Kids Hyper

Numerous studies have falsified the commonly held belief that sugar causes children to be hyperactive. Studies into ADHD and other common disorders have found no correlation with sugar and hyperactivity. Other common causes of hyperactivity in diets could be attributed to small amounts of caffeine and other hormone activating ingredients.

Napoleon Wasn't Short

The average height for the time was between 5'-5" and 5'-6". Napoleon was 5'-6". His French nickname for being small was actually meant to be endearing rather than insulting.

Bill Clinton Was Almost Impeached For Perjury

One house of the US Congress voted to impeach Bill Clinton not because he had sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky, but because he lied about it under oath.

Chlorine Byproducts Cause Cancer

Chlorine itself has not been proven to be a high risk carcinogen, but the byproducts it produces when it interacts with bacteria and decaying matter can cause a higher risk of cancer when consumed.

There Have Only Been 240 years of Peace

In all of recorded history, it has been estimated that civilization on Earth has only had a total of 240 years in which no wars or battles were waged.

You Might Have Killed Someone

Influenza is one of the worlds most common and deadly viruses. It is estimated that one out of every 100 people has indirectly killed at least one person by giving them influenza.

Butterflies Eat Each Other

The most colourful insects on Earth cannibalize their own.

Coffee Isn't A Bean

Coffee comes from the ground seed of a coffee cherry. Coffee "beans" are actually coffee seeds.

Sleeping Doesn't Rest Your Body Or Mind

Sleeping is one of the biggest scientific mysteries, but little evidence shows that the purpose of sleeping is to rest the mind and body. The body burns as many calories while asleep as when awake and your brain is more active while you're unconscious.

Your Cat Would Probably Kill You

House cats are simply smaller versions of lions and tigers. Both lions and tigers have proven to be affectionate toward humans in the right conditions, but have also been known to snap. Some researchers have suggested that domestic cats have mostly evolved in size, rather than instinct. This means they exhibit the same behaviours as wild cats and could choose to kill their owners at some point. Most domestic cats would be as dangerous as wild cats if they were any larger in size.

Blood Without Oxygen Isn't Blue

The commonly held idea that de-oxygenated blood is blue is false. It is a darker colour of red and only appears blue under our skin and through our surface veins because of the way light reflects.

Dinosaurs Didn't Go Extinct

Although the majority of prehistoric reptilians went extinct after a meteor crashed into the Earth, many survived. Birds and several species of reptiles currently alive are the survivors.

The Oldest English Word Is Who

It's true.

Humans Eat A Pound Of Bugs

According to the FDA, the average human will have ingested a pound of insects in his or her lifetime. The source varies and the types range from mites to flies, many of which end up in food.

Health Is Only A Measure Of How Slow We Die

There's nothing more to add to this fact.

        June 2016 | Augustus