todd kohlhepp
His name is Todd Christopher Kohlhepp. His arrest in November of 2016 led to the re-opening of four cold cases from earlier years, revealing his scary past as a part-time serial killer. 

The unraveling of Kohlhepp's past started with the abductions of Kala Brown and Charles Carver in August of 2016. After their disappearances, bizarre posts began appearing on Carver's recently inactive Facebook page that were uncharacteristic of him, according to his friends and family. The posts included dark memes about burying bodies in a backyard and stories about the couple that seemed out of the ordinary. 

Carver was eventually found on Kohlhepp's property and had succumbed to several gunshot wounds. Brown was found chained and alive inside of a metal storage container near where Carver's corpse was discovered. Kohlhepp was then arrested for the kidnappings and the murder of Charles Carver, but what he confessed while in custody shocked police.

In exchange for being able to talk to his mother and transfer money into a friend's child's college fund, Kohlhepp confessed to shooting four people in Chesnee, South Carolina in 2003. 

In addition, he had killed a married couple from Spartanburg, South Carolina and buried their bodies on his property just months before abducting Brown and Carver. The couple were hired by Kohlhepp to work on his property, but went missing in December of 2015. According to Brown, Kohlhepp had shown her their graves and threatened to kill her if she tried to escape or attract attention. Their bodies were found after Kohlhepp's arrest. 
In total, it is confirmed that Kohlhepp killed at least seven people in his career as a part-time serial killer. To people who knew him, he was a moderately wealthy real estate agent who owned a large piece of land near Moore, South Carolina. To police, he was a serial killer who would eventually be linked to even more murders, including an armed robbery and triple homicide from 2003 in Greer, South Carolina. 

If Todd Kohlhepp is ever linked to other cold cases, his number of victims could reach the double digits, making him one of America's most notorious serial killers in decades. Not only did Kohlhepp successfully manage to elude police for years, he had already been convicted of kidnapping in 1987.

Growing up, it was reported that Kohlhepp exhibited all the natural characteristics of a serial killer, including explosive and erratic behaviour and cruelty to animals. He even spent more than three months in a psychiatric hospital as a child. As an adult, he frequented a Waffle House where he would offer waitresses large tips and invite them to leave with him. His behaviour became so disturbing that a male cook was eventually asked to deal with all of Kohlhepp's orders. One of Kohlhepp's victims was, allegedly, a waitress at the Waffle House he frequented. 

The case of Todd Kohlhepp, who also graduated with a Bachelor's degree in business and marketing, reminds us that anyone could be capable of committing heinous crimes and that status and wealth don't always quell an individual's sadistic tendencies. Although there was something obviously not quite right with Kohlhepp, he managed to elude law enforcement for years while taking innocent lives. 

Kohlhepp's confirmed victims:

Charles Carver
Meaghan Leigh McCraw-Coxie
Johnny Joe Coxie
Beverly Guy
Chris Sherber
Scott Ponder
Brian Lucas

       April 2017 | Tiberius