A cast list for all of the season 7 episodes has been leaked onto the internet, revealing who does and doesn't appear in all of the episodes following the premier. It also reveals a clever dream sequence/flashback that forced the entire cast, including Negan's victims, to return to set. This means that all the leaked season 7 photos featuring certain victims being alive and well didn't really tell us anything.

So without further ado, here are the two (yes, TWO) main characters who appear on the episode one cast list, but not on any other episode's cast list.

Spoilers below....

only appears on the premier episode cast list for season 7. From episode two and all the way through to the finale, Glenn is nowhere to be found. This means that television Glenn meets the same fate as comic book Glenn, but with a catch....

Abraham also mysteriously vanishes from every cast list following episode one. In an official photo released by AMC to promote season 7, Abraham's boot is seen filled with soil and being used to grow grain, presumably by his best buddy, Eugene.

Other hints suggest that Maggie may be living without Glenn in the Hilltop community and that Daryl may have been taken prisoner by Negan's saviors. The cast lists also suggest a few more minor deaths leading up to the season finale in the spring.

In the official season 7 trailer released by AMC, a cloudy dream sequence or flashback shows Abraham and Glenn alive and well, but it may also give us the first official hint from AMC that they could be dead. Other characters also appear in the trailer, but they seem only to be present to support Abraham and Glenn as a part of their stories.

Theories circulating around the casting revelations have suggested that Negan chooses Glenn, Abraham steps in to save him, but ends up facing the same fate as Glenn. When all is said and done, both Glenn and Abraham end up giving Lucille a two-for-one deal.

If this all happens to be true, we can look at the season 6 finale for evidence and hints from producers. Glenn's original intervention when Negan ominously hovered over Maggie could have been a hint, just as Negan staring Abraham down before saying he's gotta "shave this shit" could have also been a hint at Abraham's demise.

There is only one way to find out if any of this is true, but until the season premier, you can tell your friends who you think will die. Chances are, they'll think you're a prophet when the ending credits roll on the season premier.

   September 2016 | Augustus

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