The question that has been eating away at Walking Dead  fans since producers took the risky road of dragging out a cliffhanger for 7 months has been "who the fuck did Negan kill?" The mixed messages from producers about clues have only made the situation worse. The endless speculation and analysis on Youtube has resulted in unprecedented fan frustration that could lead producers to regret their decision.

If we are to believe that the showrunners are smart, clever or creative enough to put hints in their cinematography techniques, the answer to the most painful question in Walking Dead history could be right in front of our eyes.

Let's take a look at a few angles of analysis that could give us the answer. We will also be discounting the fake audio clips circulating online featuring Maggy yelling Glenn's name. Those clips have been thoroughly debunked.

One thing that is likely to carry forward from the comic series is Negan's refusal to kill women or children. Immediately, that removes several candidates from this analysis.

The POV Says: Glenn

The beginning of the season 6 finale starts with a character point-of-view from inside the back of a van filled with bullet holes. The finale ends with another character point-of-view looking up at Negan before being beaten to death. If these POVs belong to the same character, we are a step closer to an answer. 

If this is a clue about who meets their unfortunate demise, the answers are limited. Only two male characters were in the back of the van: Glenn and Daryl.

However, to make things more confusing, some fans have offered further insight on their Youtube channels about another cinematography clue that might rule out both Glenn and Daryl completely: their hair.

Using the same POV theory, both Glenn and Daryl have hair hanging in front of their eyes in the final scene. The character with the least amount of hair hanging in his face is Glenn, while Daryl has the most...making his ability to see, without obstruction, nearly impossible. This fact implies it could not have been Daryl, since the POV of the beating victim had no obstructions.

Glenn had the least hair hanging in front of his eyes, creating a slight possibility that he could still see Negan without anything obstructing his view. All these factors and the victim's POV tell us it was Glenn who met the same fate as his comic counterpart. Glenn watching Maggy in the mirror while leaving Alexandria could also help support the idea that it was his last day on Earth.

The finale is appropriately titled "Last Day On Earth".

Leaked Photos Say: Glenn

A photo of Abraham holding what looks like a prosthetic bust of Glenn's head, including a photo of Glenn with blood running down his face, suggest that Glenn was Negan's unfortunate victim. The photos appeared on Instagram and social media, but were quickly deleted. See for yourself:

The black and white photo shows blood patterns flowing down Glenn's face that resemble the blood flows from the final skull bashing scene of season 6, which would confirm that it was indeed Glenn's POV we were seeing in the first and final scenes.

But just wait a minute. To throw this speculation into question, days after this picture was leaked, photos from the scene of a car accident near the Walking Dead film shoot in Georgia showed both Glenn and Daryl in full costume helping the victims. (the crash was minor and non-fatal)

Continuity Says: Eugene

One thing made clear by the showrunners is that there is no order to Negan's eenie meenie miney mo selection process as we see it on screen. We see his bat in the face of random characters throughout the scene, giving us no indication of who it could be based on how the characters are arranged on their knees... except for one clue.

The frames of continuity in Negan's selection process almost immediately rule out their own credibility. However, if we were to consider the continuity leading up to the moment right before he makes his choice, we would see him choosing someone on Rick's left side.

Right before the end, Negan's shadow crosses Rick's face, moving toward Rick's left and our right.

If this is evidence of who gets Lucille (the bat), it leaves us with two choices: Aaron or Eugene. Since Negan does not kill women or children, that rules out Sasha and Carl. Negan's final words about feeding Rick Carl's other eye also help rule out both Rick and Carl.

Of the two, the story would suggest that Eugene was the unfortunate candidate. Before being caught by The Saviours, Eugene reached the pinnacle of his personal story and handed his bullet-making instructions to Rick. Before that, he made amends with Abraham, proved to be a true survivor and showed a willingness to sacrifice himself for the group. During the final Talking Dead  of the season, showrunner Scott Gimple said we had witnessed "the end of a story". This adds more credence to the idea that it was Eugene's last day on Earth.

Aaron doesn't have much of a story and his death would have the least impact on the show. His death would hardly justify a 7-month wait for season 7.

A Mysterious Tweet Says: Aaron

A tweet by Greg Nicotero featuring a wax sculpture of Daryl was mysteriously deleted after raving fans caught a glimpse of what was in the background.

A strange prop of what appears to be Aaron was noticed in the background by several fans. It wouldn't have been a big deal had Nicotero not deleted the tweet following all of the attention.

Theories suggest it was a prop being made for use in the eventual skull bashing scene of Aaron. This would have to come in season 7, but the showrunners have been known to film and plan scenes for forthcoming seasons in advance.

The previous analysis also puts Aaron on Rick's left and in the running for the death scene, which could add more evidence to the theory that it was Aaron's last day on Earth.

Logic Says: Abraham

In Negan's world as an alpha male leader, the biggest physical threat to his leadership is Abraham. Negan taunts the audience early on by approaching Abraham, but then backing off before rubbing his face and saying, "I gotta shave this shit."

Abraham has also been the focus of the "hair theory". Unlike a good portion of the potential victims, Abraham has nothing obstructing his view. However, if the show was following a consistent POV theme, it would disqualify Abraham from the opening scene.

Not many clues from the finale point to Abraham, but if Negan was a smart guy, he'd choose Abraham. Abraham's death would have a bigger impact than Aaron's, but not nearly as big as the death of Daryl or Glenn.

The Talking Dead And Casting Say: Daryl Or Eugene

The Talking Dead immediately follows every episode of The Walking Dead and always features a character who was killed that evening. Norman Reedus, aka Daryl, was a guest on the season finale of Talking Dead, leading fans to speculate that he was Negan's victim.

Reedus is also set to star in a new AMC series called Ride With Norman Reedus. It will be a reality series that follows Reedus and other motorcycle enthusiasts. Fans have jumped to the conclusion that this new career move could be an indication of his retirement from The Walking Dead. The actor who portrays Eugene has also been confirmed as a cast member of the new Twin Peaks  on Showtime.

Daryl qualifies for the death scene based on the POV theory, which makes it very possible that he has lived his last day on Earth.

9/11 Numbers Theory Says: Daryl or Aaron

The most bizarre and rare theory circulating on the internet suggests that numerology and conspiracy theories give us the clues we need to know who dies. According to the theory, the fact that there are 11 contenders for the death scene makes the 9th person in line the lucky contender.

Out of the 11 contenders, Aaron is number 9 when we count them from left to right. From right to left, Daryl is the other number 9.

Although this theory is bizarre, both contenders also qualify based on the first two theories on this page. Daryl was in the back of the van from the very first scene and Aaron was on Rick's left side, or the direction that Negan's shadow moves right before the beating.

Who Is It Then?

Based on all these theories and analyses, we could use a point system to determine who is the most likely to die. By counting how many times each character appears in one of these theories, we could decide who is the most likely, but that wouldn't give us an answer. If only one of these theories is correct, it won't help.

The person with the most odds stacked against him based on these theories is Daryl. The second is Aaron. The problem with both of them is that one of their deaths could be too harmful while the other's would have almost no impact and leave the audience disappointed.

Daryl is the most popular character and his death could damage viewership. Aaron is merely a secondary character whose death would disappoint the audience, especially after a 7-month wait. That leaves us with only two viable candidates: Eugene and Glenn.

The only theory featuring Abraham involves complete speculation based on a logical assumption about Negan's character. That leaves us with only one candidate based on the POV theory, leaked photos, his fate in the original comic and his entire story thus far.

After the process of deduction, the most likely character to die is definitely Glenn. But based on photos from a car accident (see above) showing Glenn alive and in costume, this might not be the case. That makes the second runner-up Eugene.

You may agree or disagree, but the final answer is still over 4 months away. Maybe with more casting clues about season 7, a solid answer will arise before then. Until then, good luck.

         June 2016 | Tiberius

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